As many of you may know, playing good, consistent poker is the key to being profitable in this game. What is the point of winning a $50 heads up tournament if your just going to give it right back in the next game.

One of the factors that I believe contributes to your consistency in poker is the length of your games. It is good to take some breaks between games to give your mind a rest.

Nothing is more of a relief when you finally knock that chump out who should have taken a lot less time, but for some reason he held on to his last 200 chips like they were his last chips EVER! So after this mind-numbing, brain drain of a heads up match... take a break, eat a snack, get a drink, smoke a cigarette, or do whatever you need to do.

Another good way to stay consistent is to play at several different online poker rooms. Be sure to not use the same name at PartyPoker as you do at Poker Stars. Many of the same players play all these different room's heads up games, and you may run into some of the same players you have played before. Unless you constantly change your style of play, you may want to switch it up (your poker name and what rooms you play) to keep people from figuring out your style.

The only thing that can really keep you from getting on tilt is to check your ego. This is a hard thing to do because most of us have large egos, which is why we are poker players.