Check here for updates on the current state of playing poker from the US. See all of the online poker rooms that accept US players. Also remember that online poker is legal and the easiest way to deposit money on a poker site is by use of a pre-paid visa which you can buy at your local convenience store or Wal-Mart.

Playing Online Poker in the US

For a complete list of US poker rooms visit, or click here for a list of poker sites accepting players from the USA.

Are there any risks involved with playing online poker in the US?

While I am no law expert and this is certainly not legal advice, I would say no. Certain online poker rooms continue to accept us players with no consequences. Apparently the UIGEA only placed restrictions on banks doing gambling related transfers to US citizens.

Another great resource for US poker players is this US poker sites website with a bunch of information on playing poker from the US.

What Deposit Methods can I use to Play Online Poker in the US.

Many us citizens relied on Neteller until they stopped accepting US based customers. Now many US poker players use different ewallets, credit cards, or pre-paid visas in order to make their deposits. Pre paid visas are the easiest to use and you can get them at your local convenience store or Wal-Mart.

Please note that this is not legal advice and is not responsible for any legal issues you may encounter.