Texas Hold Em

One of the greatest real money poker games out there today is Texas Hold Em. The most popular form of Texas hold em is no limit Texas hold em. This is the game where the real money lies. At any point during the game a player can force another player to make a decision based on risking all of the money in front of him. There are many real money poker sites which offer Texas hold em at many different levels. Visit our list of real money poker sites and find one that is right for you.

Omaha Poker

Omaha is another great real money poker game that has gained some popularity since the initial poker boom. It is similar to Texas hold em except you are dealt 4 hole cards, and you must use EXACTLY two of your hole cards to make a hand. There are various forms of Omaha poker such as hi lo, limit, pot limit, and no limit. I recommend you read up on some Omaha strategy before you get started playing Omaha for real money.


Playing Razz for real money is similar to playing 7 card stud. All of the same rules apply except the lowest hand wins. The best possible (and lowest hand) is A2345, also called "a wheel". In a real money game of Razz, the highest card starts the betting on the first round, followed by the lowest hand on the subsequent rounds. If you're unfamiliar with Razz but would like to learn to play I recommend reading this great article written on Razz strategy. Play Razz on Full Tilt for real money today!

Stud Poker

Stud poker is a popular real money poker game amongst both online and casino players. 7 Card stud being the most popular of course. In 7 card stud the players are dealt a total of 7 cards, and the best 5 card hand out of those 7 cards wins. Each player is dealt 2 face down hole cards and one face up door card to start the game. A round of betting ensues and then 4th street is dealt. Now the second round of betting ensues. This is followed by 5th street then a round of betting, and then 6th street and a round of betting. The river, or last card, is dealt face down. There are five total betting rounds in 7 card stud...one after each series of cards. Poker Stars has a great base of real money Stud players, and I suggest you read up on stud strategy before you play. Play Stud Poker on Poker Stars Today!

Heads Up Poker

One of the most exciting forms of poker to play for real money is any type of heads up match. Whether it be Hold Em, Omaha, or Stud you can bet it will be exciting to have some one on one competition. Usually the aggressive player ends up winning more times than not, so be sure to play offense and not defense. Full Tilt has some great heads up sit n go's going on all the time. If you want to brush up on your heads up game, check out this great heads up strategy site I found recently.

Sit N Go's

Sit N Go's are a great way to get tournament experience without all of the long drawn out waiting of larger tournaments. Sit N Go's got their name from the way they start. As soon as all of the players are seated the tournament starts. Sit N Go's are usually between 6-10 people, but you will also find some heads up sit n go's as well. When playing sit n go's for real money, you should pick a level at which you feel comfortable playing and not go above your limit. I recommend Full Tilt Poker for the best real money sit n go's.

Large Tournaments

Playing in large tournaments is another great way to get the most bang for your buck when playing poker for real money. You can usually buy into a low buy in tournament and still be able to bring in 30X your buy in if you end up taking first. Remember that the payout all depends on the size of the tournament. Read more on tournament strategy here. If you decide to play in some large poker tournaments, I recommend playing at Full Tilt Poker.