Have you ever found yourself to be on a hot streak at the heads up tables and then suddenly it's all gone? What can you do to make sure you don't blow your bank roll?

Managing your bankroll in poker can be tough, especially for us egotistical poker players. One day your on fire, the next your back at the bottom of the barrel. Ultimately we want to reach a goal of always having a big stack to play poker with.

I have found that the most common reason people lose their bank rolls is because they move up to high stakes. Won a big tournament? Now your at the $10/$20 table sweating bullets with your heart beating 100 miles per hour. The point I am getting at is that the more you worry about your money, the less you will have.

Relating to heads up play, don't play a $50 heads up match if you can't handle it. The best way to build a bankroll with heads up poker is to grind out a ton of $5 and $10 games. Sure you may get sucked out on by an amateur, but for the most part you can easily dominate. Once you have built up a couple hundred dollars, and you feel comfortable, move up to the $20 heads up games. Get in your comfort zone, get used to playing for the increased dollar amount, and focus on your game.

Once the bankroll gets large enough, enter some high dollar tournaments. A solid run can land you at the final table, and then you can use your heads up skills to bring home the win.

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