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It came to our attention lately that there is simply not enough information on the web concerning heads up poker games.  We created a section of this site and dedicated to "all things heads up poker" to fix this "dilemma".

You see, here at OfficialPartyBonusCodes.com, we frequent the heads up tables. While in college, we played so many heads up poker matches that they became almost too easy to win. After playing for a long period of time at a single poker room, we either had to create a different name or stop playing because no one wanted to play us.  We have decided to share our knowledge on heads up poker.  Just for you!

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Featured Heads Up Poker Articles:

Heads Up Poker for Beginners

For those of us who can't stand the monotony of playing a $10 sit n go tournament for an hour, or a 2000 player multi table tournaments, there is a pleasant alternative.  Yes I am talking about heads up poker tournaments.

The concept is simple.  You vs. Someone.  You sit down at the table and wait for your opponent to sit.  Once you are both at the table you are prompted to begin. The players usually start with 1000 chips.

The blinds start small and increase every X number of hands (usually set by poker room).  Play is usually timid at first as the two players are feeling each other out.  After a couple hands, the play begins to loosen.  As you will soon realize, the player that gets a good chip lead can usually come out on top if he or she plays their cards right.

Once a player reaches zero chips the game is over.

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National Heads Up Poker Championship

Those of you who didn't watch the NBC Heads Up Poker Championship missed out.  The top 64 players in the world all going for the ultimate title.  The event was held back in April at Ceasar's Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For those of you who don't know, Paul Wasicka ended up winning the event.  However, I found the most entertaining part to be Matusow vs Negreanu.

If you missed the excitement you can catch all of the episodes on YouTube

For more information on heads up poker read more of our heads up poker strategy articles.