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Intermediate Heads Up Poker Strategy

Once you have mastered the heads-up poker basics such as odds and outs, position play and adjusting to your opponents playing style - it is time to work on more complex strategic considerations. Factors such as becoming difficult to read, selecting the right opponents and de-coding your opponents betting patterns to accurately put them on a hand become more important as you move up the levels. This article looks at ways in which you can take your heads-up play to the next level.

During any heads-up poker match you will be watching your opponents playing style and adjusting your own to gain the maximum benefit from this. How you play against any individual is influenced by both how tight or loose and how passively or aggressively they play.

While you are busy figuring out your... Read the full article here.

In Poker, Position is Everything

Everyone has heard the rants about position being everything in Poker, especially in games with a Small Blind and a Big Blind. It is talked about in Poker Books, on Television, and in articles and forums all across the internet. Because of this, a lot of players seem to THINK they understand this seemingly simple concept, and many have no clue how important the idea of position really is to Poker strategy.

Your average, everyday player may have heard of position, and know what it is, but a good portion do not understand the concept to the extent it can be used. I have played in a monthly game with the same guys for the past five years, and all of them talk about it, but few actually understand it. Very few average players also know that the value of position decreases significantly as stack-size in relation to the blinds decreases. This is because of the chance that all the money will go to the middle either pre-flop or on the flop.

I started to realize that position doesn't only mean the spot that you are sitting in relative to the button. Position has to to with where you sit with relation to the opponents still in the hand. It can be used throughout the hand to buy a free card by raising on the flop so everyone checks to you on the turn. This allows you bet or take a free river card. It can be used for a well-timed bluff when your opponents have checked and you feel that no one has much of anything.

Phil Gordon has an amazing lesson on position in his "Little Green Book". It takes you through his thinking processes and how he always wants to be in position whenever possible when playing a hand.