As I stated before, when I was in college I was a heads up poker junkie. In a single session I would play around 10-15 heads up matches. Their were multiple sessions in a day.

Money was scarce in those days, so I usually stuck to the $5 or $10 games. The excitement of playing someone one on one was unbeatable.

It wasn't long before my roomates got involved and began playing heads up poker also. We lived in a four bedroom apartment, and all you could hear from the living room was little beeps coming from each room. (You know the beeps I'm talking about.)

We argued about who was the best to the point where we would challenge each other to heads up matches and play over the computer from different rooms.

This heads up obsession went on at various levels of intensity for months. Sure we played other forms of poker, but heads up was the main focus.

Those were the days. I still remember trying to sleep, and having to tell one of my room mates to turn their speakers down so I wouldn't have to hear his every check, raise, and call.