Play Online PokerOnce a player has learned everything that Bodog has to offer and has decided to sign up for the best online gaming experience of their life they need to deposit some money to get in on the real action. Every facet of Bodog Poker has been researched and designed for ease of use and depositing funds is no exception.

Register for Bodog

To get started a player must first get registered (click here to register. Use referral code 2360542 for the 110% bonus). This is a very easy process and takes just a few minutes. Bodog only needs to ask a few basic questions and get just some basic information to have a player up and running. After the player is registered the next step to make a deposit is to click on the deposit link. This will take the player right where they need to go.

Depositing at Bodog Poker

The next step is using the proper deposit method. There are several different ways for a player to make the deposit into their account. Players will have to look at the available deposit options for their geographic location. Not all deposit methods are offered for all players and it is up to the player to make sure that they are using an appropriate deposit method. For example, players playing in the United States are much more limited than players playing in other areas of the world. Players should be certain that their chosen deposit method is going to allow them to play. After the proper deposit method is selected the player will have the opportunity to enter in the amount that they wish to put into their account. Bodog accepts a minimum deposit of just twenty dollars. After the amount is selected the player will just need to confirm the amount requested when asked.

Players should know that they will need to actually make a bet before withdrawing any money from their account. The reason for this is there may be a fee assessed any player that takes money from their account without first betting in a gaming area. There is a processing cost on monies placed into the account and this fee is to cover those costs. However, a fee is not charged to the player if they are simply depositing money into their account.

That"s it for a player to get started and this entire process literally takes moments. Play on Bodog Poker today.