Heads up poker is almost a separate form of poker. It seems like every day it is becoming more and more popular among poker players. You see poker rooms offering all levels of heads up games as well as heads up tournaments. NBC even hold a professional heads up tournament that is televised! What gives?

A few years back when ESPN began covering the world series of poker the poker boom began. Since then everyone has been trying to get a piece of the "poker pie". We have seen celebrity poker showdowns, charity events, and anything else about poker on TV that will get viewers. This may leave you asking yourself if the whole heads up poker thing is a fad.

I believe that the rise in popularity of heads up poker is not a fad, but it is just the game of poker broadening it's horizons. Most people know that the most exciting part of the game is having an intense showdown with an opponent for some serious money. Why not have that excitement every hand?

So what can you expect in the future? Soon www.officialpartybonuscodes.com and www.heads-up-poker.org will be teaming up to launch the first heads up poker league. Check back regularly for updates concerning this amazing event.