Do you ever wonder why you often lose at poker? Is it because of your skill? Maybe. The truth is that there are many reasons why you could lose at poker. The good news is that most of them are avoidable. After reading this it should be hard to lose at poker.

The main reason people lose at poker is because they lack proper knowledge of the game. It would decrease your losses if you knew all of the odds and outs of almost every possible hand. I recommend reading a few poker books that were written by the pros in order to gain some knowledge.

Another reason you can lose at poker has do do with your state of mind. Simply put, do not play poker if you are afraid of losing money. Never play with money that you cannot afford to lose. You will often make mistakes due to nervousness, as well as not be able to commit to a pot that you would win.

Another mistake I see new players making is playing based on odds. Poker is a game of reading. You will most certainly come out on the losing side if you continually play poker based on what you have in your hand instead of what your opponent has. Focus on learning some of the most common poker tells for online and live games. Do you play poker with the same people often? Do you lose? Study their behavior while they play. Take mental notes on how they play when they have the nuts. Also take note of how they play their hand when they are bluffing or losing. Try to see why they lose at poker when they do.

In order to not lose at poker you need to be a well rounded player. Not too conservative but not too loose. Being able to read your opponents is key. Don't focus on playing your hands based on odds. Play your hand according to whether or not it can beat your opponents hand. This is how you will stop to lose at poker. I hope this has helped you to realize some of your flaws at the poker table.