Increasing numbers of women are finding success in the once male-dominated world of poker. The best have become poker celebrities – not just competing with the men on equal terms but taking down big tournaments in the process. This article looks at 5 of the top women in poker, with a brief biography and summary of their major achievements. The woman in poker covered here are: Jennifer Harman, Annie Duke, Jennifer Leigh, Evelyn Ng and Isabelle Mercer.

Jennifer Harman

Twice WSOP bracelet winner Jennifer Harman became a professional poker player at the age of 21. Working her way slowly up to the very highest stakes Jennifer Harman is now found at the $3000 / $6000 limit Holdem tables playing against the very best in the world. Perhaps the biggest accomplishment of all was Jennifer"s win in the WSOP 2-7 Triple draw tournament in 2000, this is made even more amazing by the fact that she had never played this game before the tournament began!

Annie Duke

Annie Duke holds the accolade of the most successful female poker player in the history of the World Series. Her list of tournament cashes is huge, including 11 final tables and over $500,000 in prize money. Annie Duke is the sister of high profile professional Howard Lederer – whom she knocked out of the World Series main event the very first time she played.

Jennifer Leigh

Better known for her online achievements than for live tournament play Jennifer Leigh – also known as "Jennicide" is a recent addition to the list of top women in poker. After becoming the highest ranked tournament player at a popular online poker site, Jennifer turned her attention to the limit game. Now a poker professional Jennifer Leigh can be found at the very highest stakes available.

Evelyn Ng

Canadian poker professional Evelyn Ng is no stranger to tournament success. Final tables in several WPT events – both ladies only and main events – have made her a force to be reckoned with at the poker tables. Evelyn Hg has often been associated with poker celebrity Daniel Negranu who has acted as her coach. Specializing in No-Limit Holdem Evelyn is apparently an expert at poker chip tricks too!

Isabelle Mercer

Though born in Canada, Isabelle Mercer has achieved most of her poker success on the European Circuit. Successes have included winning the grand final of the European Poker Tour in Monte Carlo in 2005 – as well as several other EPT and World Series successes. More recently Isabelle"s successes have been in the US – most notably a winning the Turning Stone poker championship event in New York.