Taken from our Heads Up Poker Strategy Section.

Heads up poker is the most exciting form of poker, in my opinion. Poker players have been having heads up poker matches since the days of the wild west. What can you do to be sure you always come out on top? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Find a platform you like. Being comfortable is a must. Play at your favorite poker room. Stay in your comfort zone.
  • Play at a comfortable level. See what feels right. If $20 heads up matches make you sweat a little too much, move down to $10 or $5.
  • Take advantage of a chip lead if you have one. Make your opponent sweat. If he or she is constantly having to make a do or die decision, most likely they will break and go all in with a poor hand.

Feel out your challenger. See what they are capable of doing. When you have a decent hand, give a good pre flop raise. Take note of whether or not your opponent calls immediately.

Once you gain a chip lead, play aggressively. Don't let your opponent catch his breath. Pretty much you need to kick em' while they're down. Force them to give up by constantly making their decisions hard to make. Make them believe that going all in is their only hope. Sometimes at this point I like to type a few things into the chat box to help speed up their decision.