How to Play Top Pair

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Whether your playing in a cash game or a tournament, the way you play top pair can have an adverse effect on your game.  Many poker players play this hand as if it is a strong dominant hand.  While this may be true for heads up poker, in a 6-10 person game it is actually a pretty weak hand.

As you may know, top pair is just one hand above having high card.  This means that there are plenty of other hands your opponents can have to beat you.  There is a total of eight hands that your opponents could be holding that could beat your top pair.  There is a pretty good chance of your top pair getting beat if there are a few players in the pot.  Hopefully you can end up improving your hand to top set( 3 of a kind).

Be careful when raising with top pair.  You never know when you could get that awful re-raise from an opponent that is holding two pair, or even worse, a set.  You could find yourself pot committed and calling resulting in a major loss of money.

So how exactly should you play your top pair?  Do so cautiously while trying to read your opponents.  With poker being a game of skill, you will need to read your opponents to determine whether or not they have you beat.  Don't be afraid to bet however, just don't get in too deep.  Top pair is a great hand to play your position on, meaning that you are last to act and you get to see everyone else's move first.

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