Supplying your opponents with a perceived notion of yourbonus codes for party poker table image is just as important as the cards that are in front of you. Hopefully you will be displaying what you want them to think rather than playing the way they want you to play. It's almost a rush when you are able to pull off a bluff on a pot or re-raise a player, and due to the way you have presented yourself to others they will call or fold when you need them to. It's a crucial way of picking up pots uncontested or stealing the blinds. Pulling it off can take time... time to allow your opponents some breathing room to gain some insight into your thought process and what messages you are sending off. Once they have done this you can begin to change it up. Bluff a few pots, play tight for a while, and even something as simple as a winning streak can win you some blinds.

Bluff Often?

Bluffing of course can not be done on a consistent basis, obviously you will get caught, but this can sometimes be an advantage ....getting caught that is. Allowing them to see that you are literally stealing from them right underneath their noses will only reduce the tight players to start calling with marginal hands. Thus sucking them in to what they think is another bluff when really your playing with the nuts.

They will loosen up their starting hands giving you full value for your bets. Another way to help you make it more apparent to a tight player that you are stealing from them is to show them you are bluffing. A few shows to a player who has lost a big pot can inevitably send them on tilt while you switch to a more conservative player.

Play Tight or Loose?

Two other areas that can be used to your advantage is both a tight and loose image. This of course means that your table has to be the opposite. Tight tables call for loose players while the opposite holds true for a loose table. Obviously you are not going to be seated with a full table of one specific type of player, so you need to be playing the players at hand. But in a heads up game, this is very easy to do. If your opponent opens up firing bets, sit back and wait till you have enough power in your hands to exert some force back. If your opponent isn't protecting their blinds and can only be defined as passive than you be the aggressor and teach him to stand up for himself. Either way you want to be the opposite of your player and in return take control of the situation and allow them to bump their game to your speed.

On your Game?

Have you ever sat down at the casino and were just on the ball? You owned the game, the table, and the players. They knew this just as much as you did which made a few more pots come your way. How? First off if your on a roll and those hands just seem to come to you without any trouble, most players who are paying attention to the game will see this and will stay out of your way. Players who respect another players bets due to winning streak/playing with the nuts will fold many more hands that were the better hand, but because of the luck you have had along with holding the nuts they become inferior to you. Take advantage of this. If they show no blatant attempt at holding the best hand, sometimes a positional bet is all it takes to make them fold.

Now this all all good to advocate, but if your table is not seeing anything but the two cards in front of them than the suggestions made above will have no impact on them. They will still be an easy target, but you will not be able to control the flow of the game as easily. Always remember poker is not just about the cards in front of you. You have no control over the cards, but you do have control over your game and how you let it play out in the minds of your opponents.