Simply I am sure you have thought about it. After a bad beat or being sucked out on most likely. You are pissed off that you just lost some money and the first thing that popped into your mind was, "What if I could just cheat?" or "He's cheating"

Your next move is to go to Google and type in some phrase that contains the words cheat and poker. You are flooded with results for a certain software that claims it will let you see your opponents cards... for $39.95! Let us sit back for a moment and have a reality check. Poker companies have spent thousands and thousands of dollars to keep their games legit and secure. Do you really think someone would be selling some software that would instantly let you see your opponents cards? No!

The only thing I personally have heard about this software is that it is some kind of spy ware. Apparently you need to install it on your opponents computer in order to be able to see their hole cards. This is pretty hard to do considering your opponents are usually from other states or countries. Even if you could do this, your opponent would soon stop playing against you because you would always win.

With all this being said, it is pretty much impossible to cheat at online poker. So sit back and take a deep breath and try to recover from the bad beat or suck out you just received from some amateur. Don't play on tilt!