The game of Texas Hold 'Em is a simple one. You are trying to make the best 5 card hand possible. The game starts by each player being dealt two cards face down. These are called hole cards. After the hole cards have been dealt, betting starts with the player left of the big blind. The person directly to the left of the dealer is the small blind. The person to the left of the small blind is the big blind. The big blind is usually twice that of the small blind.

After the first round of betting the flop is dealt. This is done by dealing one card face down or "burning" a card, and then dealing three cards face up. Players then bet based on what cards have just been dealt.

After the second round of betting the 4th card, or "The Turn" is dealt. After this there is another round of betting based on the new card showing. Following these bets the 5th card also known as "The River" is dealt. This is the final card before the final round of betting. After this card is dealt there is one more round of betting. After betting, the players must show their cards, determine who wins, and play again!