Playing poker more consistently is the goal of many online players. A steady increase in your poker bankroll – without the large swings often associated with the game. This article looks at several ways in which you can ensure that your online poker experience is more consistent. These include, pot control, focus on one game type at a time, preparation for your poker session and selecting tables that are best suited to your style.

Focus on a single game type at a betting level where you are comfortable will lead to more consistent poker play. This includes using only a small percentage of your bankroll at any one table – to ensure that the natural swings in poker do not adversely affect you. Playing multiple tables and different games is not as effective as a smaller number of a game you are experienced in.

Once you have chosen your poker area the most fundamental aspect in actively playing more consistent poker is to actively manage the size of the pot. Big all-in confrontations may be profitable for you over time – but will also cause large swings in your poker bankroll.

Making smaller bets, both before and after the flop, can bring you more consistent profits in different ways. Firstly you will have more information on the strength of your opponent"s holding before you commit too many chips. Secondly you are in a great position to use that information by building a pot on later streets when you feel you are ahead. Managing the pot size can be achieved by checking (especially in position) on a later street – this has the added benefit of often inducing a river bluff from an opponent when they are behind.

Preparing in advance for your online poker session can also improve the consistency of your poker play. Ensure you are feeling alert, well and that you will be free from distractions for the duration of your time playing. Experienced and consistent poker winners know that you can not get detailed information on the betting patterns of your opponent while watching TV, chatting on IM and surfing the net – focus on the poker only will bring the consistent profits that you require.

The final skill in achieving more consistent poker play is to spend some time on table selection. Most online poker sites display statistics in the lobby which tell you the average pot size and percentage of players in each pot. While choosing the rooms with the highest numbers may be profitable for you, these loose and aggressive tables may not be the most consistently profitable. If your style of poker suits post-flop play and reading hands over several streets then a less wild table may be more suitable.

Selecting the right table also involves observing where the empty seats are compared to certain player types. Consistent poker play benefits from having the tight players to act after you and the looser players on your right. This way you can re-raise the loose players without too much danger of a raise coming from a player yet to act – ensuring position throughout the hand.

To summarize, playing more consistent poker involves playing one game type at a time – ideally one in which you specialize. It also involves selecting the right tables and ensuring that you play in a distraction-free environment. Finally some in-play strategies, such as actively managing the pot size can help you play more consistent poker.