10 Tips for Texas Hold Em

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  1. Know the top 10 starting hands for Texas hold em.
  2. Know the rank of hands for Texas hold em.
  3. Learn what a check raise is.
  4. Learn the basic poker tells.
  5. Learn how to calculate poker odds and outs.
  6. Drinking and poker don't mix well.
  7. Vary your style of play so your unpredictable.  (example: aggressive and timid)
  8. Learn how to take a loss and avoid tilt.
  9. Take mental notes of how your opponents play.
  10. Learn how to bluff your opponents at the right time.
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Hopefully these 10 tips for Texas hold em will provide you with a good direction to take your game.  We encourage you to read all of our poker articles listed on this site to help with your poker skills.

For more information on poker strategy read more of our heads up poker strategy articles.

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