Increasing the number of online poker tables that you play at once is a great way to increase your hourly profits. If you are currently making a profit on each table then multi-tabling could potentially see that profit double or even triple!

This article looks at a number of multi-tabling tips including how to gradually increase the number of tables you play, poker profit expectations and more practical considerations such as the site at which you play and computer setups.

If you are used to playing a single table of online poker then playing 4 (for example) at the same time may seem like a big challenge. Yet many online multi table players have 6, 10 or even more simultaneously. The key is to maintain your comfort zone as you increase the number of tables you play.

Starting with just 2 tables means twice as many hands per hour – with 2 tables you should be able to follow the action closely enough to maintain your reads on opponents. Once you are regularly 2 tabling online poker it is time to add a 3rd and then 4th table. At this point you will lose some of the more detailed reads. There are several ways in which you can adjust your game to adapt to this.

Firstly you can work towards ensuring that your decisions are simple. Exactly how to do this will depend on the game you are playing. Some examples include folding marginally profitable hands out of position more often – while these hands may be slightly profitable they often involve complex post-flop decisions. Giving up that tiny piece of equity may enable you to focus on more profitable situations on other tables. Another example is to make your bet sizes larger on the flop, a larger bet may give up a small amount of equity – but at the same time it is more likely to keep opponent"s reactions "honest" making your decision on the next betting round clearer.

Making these small adjustments in marginally profitable situations will decrease your wins from each table, the key is that having more tables means that your overall profits will actually increase. Say for example that your hourly win with 2 tables is $10 per table per hour. By increasing the number of tables to 4 you decrease this profit by 25% to $7.50 per table per hour. By giving up some equity in marginal situations and concentrating on the most profitable hands you have actually increased your hourly profit from $20 with 2 tables to $30 with 4.

There are several practical considerations when contemplating multi-table play. The first is whether the current poker site that you play at supports this. The best sites have re-sizable tables which allow you to fit many onto your screen at one time. Examples include Full Tilt , Absolute, and Poker Stars. Other considerations include your monitor setup and memory capabilities of your computer. Setting up a second monitor is an option for those people wanting to play 8 or more tables.

When multi-tabling you will need to maintain your focus on the games, switching off the TV, Internet browser window and instant messenger software should be routine. Taking regular breaks from the tables should also factor into your playing routine.

In summary, Multi-tabling is a great way to increase your online poker profits. Add tables gradually and move to more only when you feel comfortable doing so. Expect that your profits per table will drop due to less emphasis on marginally profitable situations, but expect your overall hourly profit to increase. Finally make sure your poker site is suitable for multi-tabling and that you play in a distraction free environment.