Why do these poker rooms make it so hard to get your deposit bonus? Is it simply because they don't want to give it to you? That is hardly the case. The poker rooms want your business. The more you play, the more money they make! The poker rooms just try to protect themselves from fraud.

There were some people out there that go around creating multiple accounts, depositing huge sums of money, clearing their monster bonus, and hitting the road. This is pretty much robbing the poker room. This resulted in all of the "points" and "raked hands" you must play in order to clear a bonus. It's a shame that a couple people always ruin it for the rest of us.

If your an honest online poker player, you make your deposit, play the raked hands, get your bonus, and continue on playing with your added boost to your bankroll. But what can you do to be sure you always get your bonus?

When choosing a poker room to play at, you may see some that offer huge bonuses compared to others. Don't let the $1000 bonus fool you. You can bet on having to play a huge number of hands to clear that bonus. The bonuses that clear the easiest are the small ones. Sites like party poker, full tilt, and absolute all have fairly modest deposit bonuses which are easy to clear. You may want to take a look at our poker room reviews to see which rooms have the easiest bonuses to clear. They can be found at the top of the menu to your right.

Most poker rooms go by the simple formula that in order to receive a $100 bonus, the player must generate $100 of rake. This is where all of the raked hand requirements come from.

So now that you understand deposit bonuses from the poker room's point of view, choose a poker room and get that bonus! A list of poker bonuses can be found on our home page.