Are you new to online poker? Are you confused by all the different types of poker tournaments that are listed in the main poker lobby? We're here to help.

A sit n' go tournament is simply a tournament that starts when all of the players are seated. They are usually 6-10 player tournaments. Sitngos are quick and easy tournaments, and many players earn a good income off of playing nothing but sitngos. There is a massive amount of sit n go strategy out there so I will give you a brief synopsis of things to do while playing sit n go poker tournaments.

  • Try to jump ahead early. An early chip lead can protect you from any amateur players drawing out on you before they are knocked out.
  • Take notes on the other players playing in the sitngo. Many poker rooms including Party Poker allow you to jot quick notes about players for future reference. This is a good thing because you may play other sitngos in the future with some of the same people from time to time.
  • Steal blinds. Once a few players have been knocked out and the blinds go up don't be afraid to steal a few blinds... just don't get caught!
  • Those are three basic concepts to keep in mind to help you win the majority of your sitngos. Remember that most people playing sitngos are in a hurry to play. So stay on your game!

    Now that you know about sitngos you can read about multi table tournaments.