So your at the point in your game where you are moving on to a more experienced level of play. Good for you. The best way to stun the opposition is to be feared. Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a wary poker player like a good old fashioned check raise.

So you find yourself in early position, holding a decent hand. How can you maximize your profits if your cards come on the flop? A check raise will suffice. Assuming you flop top pair, or even trips, what should you do? Slow play them, but not too slow. Start by checking to see how your opponents play their hands. Someone to your left may have top pair and decide to throw a bet out to see what happens.

With a check raise you want to check first, and when someone places a bet thinking you will fold, you come back over the top and raise them. Yes, it IS beautiful. There is no better way to make your opponent sweat than a well played check raise.

A check raise can also be used to bluff people out of pots. Beware though as you might get called. Bluffing with a check raise is a ballsy move and should only be attempted if you have a rock solid poker face.