Playing strip poker can be a fun and innocent way to liven up any party. Before you begin playing strip poker you should make sure that everyone involved is willing to play. You don't want to pressure anyone into playing who will not be comfortable with their clothes off.

The best type of strip poker to play is some type of five card draw. This will make the game longer and more enjoyable for those involved. It is best to determine ahead of time what clothes count as a bet and what clothes do not count. For example socks vs. shirts. Obviously a sock is worth far less than a shirt in strip poker.

The game is simple. When you lose a hand you must remove an article of clothing. You can up the wagers to more than one article of clothing if you wish.

How do you know when your strip poker game has gone too far? The strip poker game has gone too far when people begin to cover themselves and become self-conscious. This is a definite sign that your strip poker game is nearing the end of it's rope.

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