Party Poker Bonus Codes
Written by Jonathan Holloway

So you have decided to play some poker on the internet. I am sure you know that there are many first deposit bonuses going around at different online poker rooms. Party Poker is usually the first place poker players look to play online. Party Poker has several enticing bonus offers that are sure to draw you in, including a 130% bonus of up to $150. 

Bonus Codes

OPBC30 - 130% bonus of up to $150 dollars on first deposit.

OPBC50 - $50 extra on first deposit.

OPBC25 - $25 extra on first deposit

What is the Catch?

You usually have to play a few hundred raked hands to get your bonus. This goes for all online poker rooms. The bonus codes you use to get that extra cash will require you to play hundreds of raked hands in order to receive the bonus. The bigger the bonus the higher the amount of raked hands. These poker rooms are really risking nothing by giving you a bonus because the only way you get the bonus is by playing enough hands to generate an equal or greater amount of profit for the poker room. It is a win-win situation for the poker site.  So what are you waiting for get a deposit bonus today!

What are Raked Hands?

Raked hands are hands in which the poker room takes a small portion of the pot. Some poker rooms only take rakes from certain sized pots. Other poker rooms may count seeing the flop as a raked hand, the turn as a raked hand, and the river as a raked hand. Not all hands are raked hands. Keep in mind that playing a few hundred raked hands with only $50 can be tough. Especially if you are not getting any good cards.





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