The Psychology of Tipping
Written by Jonathan Holloway

At one point or another you may have worked in the service industry where the only money you made were the tips that you earned.  I am sure you quickly realized that as long as you gave good service you would get a good tip.  Right?  If the world only worked THAT way!  While working my way to the top, I have a noticed a few trends with tipping.

I have come to the conclusion that there are several different mindsets when it comes to tipping.  All of the following examples pertain to valet parking.

  • Worker  - This person is a fellow service industry worker.  He or she usually tips well.  At least 5 dollars.  This is because they know how it feels to get stiffed.
  • Average Joe - This is your average person who earns between twenty to forty thousand dollars per year.  They usually tip the valet 2 or 3 dollars.
  • The Yuppie - This is the guy or girl that makes a ton of money, drives a fancy car, and lives in suburbia.  Often mistaken for a high roller.  A valet may decide that since they are driving a $100,000 Mercedes that is would be a good idea to put the car up front where no one can mess with it.  Upon leaving, The Yuppie usually tips a dollar if at all.
  • High Roller - This is someone who, like The Yuppie, has a ton of money and drives a nice car.  What separates the High Roller from The Yuppie (besides maybe some money) is the way they treat people.  The Yuppie sees a valet as a robot (not-human).  The High Roller sees the valet as a young guy on the come up.  The High Roller remembers when they were at that point in their life, and therefore respects the valet.  High Rollers usually tip twenty and up, although I've seen it up to $250.
  • The Stiffer - This is the person that does not tip the valet no matter how good the service is.  Some Yuppies are also Stiffers.  This person either doesn't have cash, doesn't know tipping is expected, or just likes to pretend that the valet doesn't accept tips.  No matter the situation, a stiffer is a stiffer.

Remember that no matter where you go, whether its a restaurant, casino, strip club, salon, car wash, or a country club, tipping is expected and greatly appreciated. 

Please remember the one exception to the rule of tipping.  If the service sucks or the person providing the service is rude and disrespectful, do not tip.  It is that simple.

With all of the above being said...  If you think I deserve a tip for writing and sharing this article please donate below.

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